Cyber Monday 2017 – Do’s and Don’ts
Elroy Bethell

November 27, 2017 7:38 AM
It is estimated that 78 million Americans will be purchasing items online. Here are some tips to safe while shopping.

The Cyber Monday, more deals are available than ever before.  Stay safe with these tips:

_ Cyber Monday Do’s and Don’t’s DO’S DONT’S Only buy from trusted sources, shops or brands that you are familiar with. If you are not buying a specific product or service, don’t submit your card details Use credit cards when purchasing things online. Avoid doing your online shopping at sites that don’t use full authentication ·        Make sure the data transfer is appropriately protected. Look for the padlock symbol Never send your Card number, PIN or any other card information to anyone by email ·        Think twice before allowing e-merchant stores to store your payment details.
  When purchasing something online from another person, do not send money up front ·        Be aware how to control the recurring charge if paying for a continuous service online.
  Never send your card details in an unencrypted email Always save all documents related to your online purchases.
  Don’t send money to anyone you don’t know online